WCC Basketball Tournament

Date: TH-SA Mar 2-4 and MO-TU Mar 6-7, 2017
Location: Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV

BYU Student tickets will be available for purchase on a first come first serve basis starting February 13th at 9:00 AM at the Marriott Center or HFAC Ticket Offices.  One ticket per Student with a ROC Pass and valid student ID. (UVU students with a ROC Pass can buy the ticket.)  Tickets are $10 for each session in which the BYU men’s basketball team is playing.  If you buy session #1, you are obligated to buy each additional session that the men’s team plays in.  There is a possibility of three sessions or up to $30 that will be charged on your card as we continue to advance in the tournament. Tickets can only be picked up before each session, in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena.  Only the student that purchases the ticket may pick it up.  Ticket pickup is non-transferable and no name changes are allowed. Tickets must be purchased in person by the student desiring to attend and payment must be made using a credit card.  Limited quantities may run out at any time. 

BYU has sold its allotment of WCC full tournament tickets. Some tickets may be available through the Orleans Arena or Ticketmaster.

Limits apply: SOLD OUT

  • ADC, Legacy 6, Legacy 5, & Legacy 4: 8 prime reserved and 8 basket-end
  • Legacy 3, Legacy 2, & Legacy 1: 6 prime reserved and 8 basket-end
  • Platinum, Golden, and Silver: 4 prime reserved and 8 basket-end
  • Bronze, Regular and YFan: 2 prime reserved and 8 basket-end
  • Public: 8 basket-end

The WCC does not assign the BYU allotment until early February.  We do not know how many seats we can acquire in each category, or the sections they will be in.  

Ticket assignment will be made after we receive our allotment.  Please comment when you order if you have special seating needs or preferences.  Everyone would like low and centered, so please be more specific as to which one is more important to you.  

We anticipate sufficient tickets to fill all orders, however, they may not be in the area or price level you request. If we are unable to fill your order, you will be notified once we receive our seating allotment. 


WCC basketball tournament seating chart